We are IVY DIONE, a Finnish dress brand. Our dresses are designed by women, for women. When wearing IVY DIONE, we want women to feel empowered through designs that fit perfectly and look fabulous.

From picking the fanciest materials to obsessing over the tiniest stitch, we strive to create timeless dresses with a flattering fit. We believe that every woman deserves to wear a dress that not only looks gorgeous but also is of highest quality.

IVY DIONE is all about slow fashion! We hope that many of our styles will carry over seasons and can be worn over and over again.



Meet the creative mind behind IVY DIONE, our founder Pauliina Seeck. "I have always loved fashion and dreamt of having my own clothing brand. The excitement of creating something special and exploring fashion while being mindful of the environment has always driven my passion. I felt that I couldn't find high quality dresses that would fit well, look gorgeous and be sustainably made in EU. That’s why I founded IVY DIONE. My goal is to create high quality pieces and make them accessible to as many as possible. And to inspire and empower women all over the world."

Before founding IVY DIONE, Pauliina was working in her family business and has a Masters degree in Business. Two active boys at home also keep her busy.

Sustainable values are essential to Pauliina and that's why it was important that the factory would be located in the EU and committed to sustainability. At the same time it is clear that sustainability is really complicated and we know there's always room for improvement.