IVY DIONE proudly represents Finnish design. We have been granted the Design from Finland Mark, which tells that the products are designed in Finland in a professional and sustainable way. Companies with the Design from Finland mark are also open about their supply chain and production countries. IVY DIONE is proud to be part of the Design from Finland group.


IVY DIONE is focused on creating timeless, luxury dresses, designed in Finland. All our materials are sourced from high quality fabric suppliers, and dresses are ethically produced in Lithuania.

We are committed to transparency and sharing all information openly with you. IVY DIONE is all about slow fashion, striving to always act responsibly towards people and the globe.


Our dresses are made in a highly reputable factory in Lithuania, EU. The factory was established in 1940 and produces numerous well known global brands. They are specialised in women’s wear and especially on high quality dresses. 

For IVY DIONE it was important that the dresses would be produced in the EU. Before choosing the factory, a thorough research was done and we visited the factory and saw the sustainable ways of working. The dresses are delivered to our warehouse with a truck and we intend to ship to customers with the most climate friendly delivery.

The factory also has several certificates:



QIMA ethical audit

See below the reasons we were ensured by the factory.

Black Marianne tulle dress with lace


  • The factory uses only renewable energy
  • Fabric leftovers are donated to organisations that make handicrafts
  • Fabric leftovers are also minimized with the newest laser cutting technology and precise patterns
  • All waste is sorted and recycled
  • 150 employees, that have regular working hours
  • No chemicals are used in the factory
  • Factory is SMETA audited to prove good social and ethical working conditions


IVY DIONE dresses are timeless and designed to last for a long time. We believe slow fashion is not only gorgeous but essential and hope that many of our styles will carry over from season to season. Each piece is made with heart, by hand, using the fanciest materials to last for a lifetime. We want to avoid over producing by keeping the production batches small.

If your IVY DIONE dress is not getting enough use with you, why not borrow it to a friend or rent it through an app or service? For us it is important that IVY DIONE dresses get to be worn by you gorgeous women, not forgotten in the closet!

Read more about the journey of the dress from an idea to our fabulous customer.